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Classic Australian Saddles

The Patrol Poley

A Special saddle designed for extra long hours. A favorite with Police Departments and private mounted units. The Patrol Poley was developed by us working with Alpha Omega Services in Texas -- The world’s largest privately owned cavalry for hire!
The secret to the saddle’s success is a tree that covers a great area of the horse’s back -- resulting in a lower pounds-per-square inch pressure for the horse!
Saddle’s weight starts at 23lbs, has a 4" dip in a web-strung seat and has a wood/steel tree.

All seat sizes. Trail horn optional.

Price:895.00 No horn

Price:$995.00 With horn

Patrol Poley


Price: $895.00

With Horn adds $100.00
Without Horn

Seat Size:
14" 15" 16" 17"

The popular PATROL POLEY has been upgrade to big D rigging, working in conjunction with a double ring surcingle. The two girth rings are connected with a tackaberry lacing to a double-ring girth. First, the off-side is set with a tackaberry, and then left in that position. The nearside, of course, is where the final adjustment takes place. DIRECTIONS: Drop the girth ring over the lip of the tackaberry buckle. Then pass the end of the tackaberry lacing up and over the main ring attached to the saddle, Pull this down the backside and then go out through the TOP slot of the buckle. Then take the end of the nylon lacing up through the ring of the surcingle, with the point going toward the horse. Then pull this down the backside and pull it through the BOTTOM slot of the buckle, Now cinch gently, tugging whenever necessary on the lacings to make sure the pull on both rings is even. When the desired tightness of girth is attained, thread the left-over lacing down through the girth keepers, and back up again, leaving a bit of tongue there to be pulled when uncinching.The beauty of this system is that it FIRMLY cinches the saddle with little effort. FOR QUICK CINCHING NEVER UNDO THE LACING, ONCE IT HAS BEEN LOOSENED ENOUGH TO RELEASE THE GIRTH RING. . LEAVE IT GOING THRU THE GIRTH RING AND SURCINGLE RING.

Owners Comments

Hey Collin, Sending you a quick note saying how much I really enjoy the Patrol Poley Saddle! I have hundreds of miles in it now with no problems for me or my horse. I'm talking about hardcore riding too. Just for the record, everything works better than anything I've ridden in or used. The saddle, your stirrups, breast collar and the Tackaberry system are awesome providing safety and comfort unparalleled. I must mention also I'm very proud to see that you are pro gun being that you live in Malibu California. Saddened to see the recent events in your state but again, glad to see there are some real men out there if you know what I mean. I am currently writing a book about trail riding over here on the East coast. I will be giving my equipment I use for the readers...hope that's ok with you. My book wont be due for a while though...I will keep you posted.

The Fox Poley

A brilliant new classic, with swing fenders mounted on a strirup bar. The Fox Poley is built on a web-strung wood/steel tree designed for comfort and durability. The seat has a 4 1/2" dip and 4" knee pads. Trail horn optional.

Price: $1195.00

Or Without horn $1095.00



Read Customer Comments

fox poley.jpg (9505 bytes)

Fox Poley without horn

Classic Fox Poley


Price: $1195.00 with horn

With Horn
Without Horn
For seat sizes 19" or greater there is an additional $100.00 charge

The Fox Poley has man-made fleece on the underside. The saddle is adjusted by removing the underside, and re-arranging the timber and aluminium tree. Somebody trained in working on Aussie saddles needs to do this!

Black Fox Poley

The FOX POLEY also comes in black, any seat size, with the option of stainless steel fittings. Shown here is a 20" saddle, with horn, and stainless fittings. The black leather adds $100. The extra large seat adds $100. The horn adds $100. Stainless fittings add $50 .

Black Fox Poley
Base Price: $1,195
As shown $1,545

Classic Black Fox Poley


Price as Shown: $1,195.00

Gulf Poley

The GULF POLEY is a new heavy duty ranch and trail saddle designed for years of hard riding. The tree is adjustable wood and steel, the seat is web-suspended and the fenders swing off a stirrup suspension bar in the dressage position. The seat has a 5" dip, the knee pads are 4 l/2" high, and the leather is premium cowhide.
Introductory price, complete, with or without horn, $695


The Gulf Poley has a unique two ring girthing system. This uses nylon lacing with a tackaberry buckle on the near side, and an off lacing that is secured with the traditional "cowboy knot."
Used as shown, the system pulls into a V, for maximum security. To set the saddle back, use only the forward girth ring.
To put the saddle more forward, use only the rear girth ring.
Regardless, this system leaves the back cinch ring clear for a back cinch.



David Wilson on Gulf Poley

Australian Champion David Wilson riding a Gulf Poley in the first exhibition of Australian campdrafting in Bakersfield, California, in May, '14.
Campdrafting is one of Australia's most popular horse sports, kind of like barrel racing, only you push a cow through the course at the gallop!. "Great saddle," reported David. "rides close and comfortable at high speed and in quick turns."


Colin test gulf poley

Colin Test Rides a 16" Gulf Poley, after several months of "tweaking" this new model. From the original made Gulf Poley, 48 changes were executed until Colin was satisfied with its performance and gave the green light for release. Colin rides every saddle that is released by The Australian Stock Saddle Company. As he says:"If I don't like it, I don't sell it! If I like a saddle, the chances are pretty close to 100 percent that people will like it too."




without horn

Gulf Poley without horn

off side
first shown is the OFF SIDE LACING.

near side
second shown is the NEAR SIDE lacing with tackaberry buckle.

Gulf Poley

Qty: Price: $695.00


Bronco Poley Mark 11

The Bronco Poley Mark 11 is an improved version of a very popular lightweight all leather saddle. The tree is fiberglass, with a ten-year guarantee, the depth of the seat is 4" and the poleys on the rider side are 4". The saddle weighs 18 lbs and is shown here with center-fire rigging. Cost is $695 ready to ride. Colors only as shown

bronco poley mark 11

Bronco Poley Mark 11

Qty: Price: $695.00

Cordura Maverick

The CORDURA MAVERICK has a 4" dip in the seat, with 4" knee pads. The weight is 14 lbs. The saddle is built on a semi-quarter fiberglass tree. It is available with or without a horn. Color as shown.

Price $695.00
With or without horn

Following popular demand, we have upgraded the CORDURA MAVERICK to have stirrup suspension bars AND V-rigging, as in the LEATHER MAVERICK.



Cordura Maverick


Price: $695.00

Customer comment
I purchased a Cordura Maverick saddle from you a few years back to use on my mustang. That little saddle turned out to be fantastic! It has been ridden many miles and still looks brand new. Cindy Harding

Tag Along Poley

Fits behind any saddle. Also has its own girthing system, so it can be used independently on a pony. Price $199.00

Tag Along Poley


Price: $199.00

How to use a tackaberry Buckle to center-fire a double rigged saddle.

Some riding animals, especially mules, need to have the girth set back. This is easy to do with a saddle that has back cinch rings. The standard tackaberry lacing makes center-firing even easier, nylon lacing moves best.
1/ Hook the lip of the buckle on the girth ring, facing out.
2/ Pass the end of the nylon lacing through the front ring and pull it down the back and pass it through the TOP slot of the buckle, with the billet point coming at you.
3/ Take the lacing up to the top ring and pass it through, pulling it down the back side and then passing it through the BOTTOM slot, Billet point coming out at you.
4/ Place girth at desired location, then cinch to desired tightness.
5/ Repeat on the off-side.
6/ Make sure the location of the girth is the same on both sides of the animal, and that the tension on the takaberry is also equal.

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