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Welcome to the Aussie Saddle Company



The Australian Stock Saddle Company is committed to providing you with the highest quality saddles and service.

We specialize in fitting saddles to horses correctly. We have the latest technology plus two decades of experience. We fit horses of every popular breed. We take the time to get your horse's measurements before customizing your saddle.

We have the largest facility specializing in custom fitting and repair of saddlery and tack. Our workers have been trained by the top saddle makers from Australia.

We stock over 1000 saddles. With our large inventory we can ship saddlery that fits you, your horse and your budget. Our saddle tree guarantees range from one to ten years. All products come with our complete moneyback guarantee. It must meet your satisfaction or you can return it.

Shipment arrives

A weekly shipment arrives at our Malibu warehouse, in this case mostly gun leather. We search the world for the best in materials, and workmanship, to deliver the largest range of luxury Aussie saddles in America . Our gunleather department now carries a vast range of belts, holsters, scabbards and cowboy bags and gear.



Our saddles come from three main sources: Australia, America and India.
MADE IN AUSTRALIA are saddles produced by Southern Cross Saddlery, in Brisbane, Queensland.
MADE IN THE USA are saddles produced in Malibu, California, at the facility owned by The Australian Stock Saddle Company. Raw and finished materials for these saddles come from the USA, Australia, India, Pakistan,Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and, ocasionally, England. We buy the best where we can, and when it is available.
 AUSSIE LEATHER saddles are made from Australian, European or American leather, with trees from USA, India and/or Australia. The final assembly is in Malibu, California.
CLASSIC SADDLES are made completely in our facility in India, at a factory we have controlled for over three decades. They are made to our exact specifications and designs and tested both in the USA and Australia. The Indian workers we have trained. We are actually now training the siblings of those workers. These are the finest Australian stock saddles made in the world today, dollar for quality.



Colin and Linda's Story

COLIN DANGAARD was the first person in 200 years to bring a new saddle to America -- the Australian Stock saddle. He launched his company in 1979, with his wife Linda Fox, after rising to star status in Journalism and broadcasting. At that time, Linda was a very successful paralegal.


Before arriving in America in 1969, on a 34-ft leaky wooden boat he sailed from Africa, Colin worked as a journalist, photographer and radio broadcaster in 20 countries. His first job in America was as a writer for TROPIC Magazine, in the Sunday edition of The Miami Herald. He became Rupert Murdoch’s first West Coast Editor in the US, for the National Star, Murdoch’s maiden venture into America. Colin did this while hosting his own television show, interviewing celebrities. ON TV WITH COLIN DANGAARD was one of the first such shows on cable television. He also syndicated a column that ran in 130 countries.


Then, he completely changed his life. He went into saddlery and horses. As he says: "It happens to people who need the thrill of taking a leap into the unknown. We all live too long to do the same thing, over and over. Repetition kills the human spirit. Adventures and new challenges put it on fire! I love to put myself out there, actually risk failure. And I HAVE gone broke! That’s when you realize how sweet success is.


Fortunately, I had a very smart and courageous person in my corner, Linda Maria Fox. If I was the most entertaining person in the room, Linda was certainly the smartest. She would remember phone numbers at 2 am!! I could not have done it without her."


Today, Colin is President of the Australian Stock Saddle Company, now the largest distributor of high-end Australian saddlery in the world. He is also publishing a fictional version of the history of the horse called TALKING WITH HORSES -- and has started shooting a national horse show for PEGASUS TV, which he is hosting.


He was born in Queensland, Australia, and discovered his love of horses in the Outback, where his family owned a cattle property. "I cannot remember when I first rode a horse. For that matter, I can't remember when I first officially owned a horse. They were all brumbies (mustangs) out there so they were anybody's horse. I just through they were like, you know, low-hanging fruit. I rounded them up and made a small fortune selling them to impoverished tobacco farmers when I was 14 years old. I built my own saddle before I was 15 – helped by an Outback saddle maker – when my dad refused to buy me one.


His refusal would turn out to be the greatest gift he ever gave me!


When I was at the top of my game as a journalist, I quit it all to do what I really enjoyed – messing with horses and saddles. I must admit, being on the set of The Man From Snowy River, as a Hollywood reporter, sure pushed me in the right direction, at exactly the time I was looking for change in my life. It opened my eyes. I saw an incredibly opportunity. I could see they were going to show how Australians ride, which is a style unique. I was soon making more money doing that than I did living on planes as a journalist. Which was excellent timing, because a costly divorce had left me broke.”


Colin keeps horses at his ranch in Malibu, California, where the Australian Stock Saddle Company is Head quartered, and in the nearby High Desert Country, on a property owned by legendary actor and fight coordinator Anthony Delongis. His passions are cross-country racing, steeplechase, mounted shooting, archery, knife throwing, spear throwing, sword fighting, designing saddlery and gun leather, writing, reading -- and gardening. Says Colin in 1012: “I’m only 70 years old. In many ways, life is just beginning. And it’s fun. I have saddled over 86,000 horses so now I actually KNOW stuff! Bring it on!”

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