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The Drink of Life


drink of lifeThe DRINK OF LIFE. Ten years ago my wife Linda started losing her memory -- many years later she would be diagnosed with dementia, at age 56. In October of  '14 her doctors said she would not make Christmas. She weighed 80 lbs, was mostly comatose, did not speak. That's when I decided to throw out her medicines and, as a last ditch stand, give her a drink revealed to me by a dear friend, Susan L. Williams. It saved her life.


Today she weighs 125 lbs, walks an average of 12 miles a day, swims in summer, knows what is being said, recognizes people and is starting to talk again. Her physician, Dr George J. Danial , calls it a miracle and says he has never seen this before in his 36 years of being an MD. I call it love, care and good nutrition. Now I have packaged the ingredients of the drink, with simple preparation instructions. I want to share it with the world, along with Lind's amazing recovery. Click here for details.




Get the book!

Colin has just published his book Talking with Horses. In this book Colin shares his knowledge of getting horses to do what you want and provides this information against the History of Horse. Order Yours Today. This is the only place to get an autographed copy and there is free shipping on the Paperback version. Read some of the reviews people have given the book.


Visit our Product pages to find what you want. Visit Colin's Library this is where Colin shared his answers to common question, tells how how to use our product and shows you how things get done. All of the how to info and links to videos are now in the library.

We will pay CASH for any Australian Stock Saddle in any condition. Send picture and get a quote, Whatever the quote, on saddles delivered to our headquarters in Malibu, we will send you a check ---or give you double the amount toward a new saddle, or toward the purchase of merchandise.


If you have a question on a product or don't get an answer you need in our Colin Library Call or Email us. Call (818) 889-6988 or Email TASSC@AOL.COM. We also post new products, sale items and updated info on our Facebook Page PRICES CAN BE CHANGED WITHOUT NOTICE.


Horses have given me the lift and the inspiration to build The Australian Stock Saddle Company, launched by me and my wife Linda in 1979. Their spirit drives me to develop and market equipment to make horses more comfortable, and their riders more secure, as they partner up for endless joy and adventure. How fortunate we are, to have and love horses. They forever make our lives more rich, each and every way. Horses empower us. This is how I celebrated my 71st birthday, rearing my young colt Ringo for the first time. When I was getting him under saddle -- or trying to -- he told me he wanted to rear. First, I thought that was not a good idea, then I had another flash: why not? It work for Roy Rogers and Trigger!! Now he does it on command, and LOVES it! A soon-to-be movie star! The picture is by Mary De Longis , and the training is by Hollywood action master and my longtime riding mate Anthony De Longis; here on their Rancho Indalo, California.


Some Featured Products


  bareback trail saddle  
US Made Poley 
See our Saddles made in USA
The Bareback Trail Saddle
l2 lbs!! Cost $1,295
Aussie Leather Deep Carve Survivor

Off-White Sheepskin Bareback Saddle

Cost $995

Black Sheepskin Bareback Saddle

Cost $995


Mountain Breastplate   Studded Shootist Bridle  Breaching Halter Bridle Crocodile Breastplate

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Croc Holster Ten Foot Bullwhip
Shootist Holsters Whips Rifle Scabbards Awling Kit Saddle Bags

Colin has created a number of videos to explain this about Saddle fitting and other topics. Below are a couple of them but to see all of them go to Colin's Library or Subscribe to his You Tube Channel

How to measure for a Saddle

New Saddle, Getting You Seated

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