The Australian Stock Saddle Company is committed to providing you with the highest quality saddles and service, which is why we have partnered with Down Under Saddle Supply as our exclusive distribution partner. You can buy our products in their retail store in Aurora, Colorado or here on this web site or on the Down Under web site.

We specialize in designing the best Australian saddles on the planet. We have the latest technology plus two decades of experience. We have saddles that fit horses of every popular breed. We take the time to get your horse's measurements before customizing your saddle. Our workers have been trained by the top saddle makers from Australia. Our saddle tree guarantees range from one to ten years. All products come with our complete moneyback guarantee. It must meet your satisfaction or you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date.

We search the world for the best in materials, and workmanship, to deliver the highest quality range of luxury Aussie saddles in America . Our gunleather department now carries a vast range of belts, holsters, scabbards and cowboy bags and gear.


Our saddles come from three main sources: Australia, America and India.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA are saddles produced by Southern Cross Saddlery, in Brisbane, Queensland.

MADE IN THE USA are saddles produced by The Australian Stock Saddle Company in the United States. Raw and finished materials for these saddles come from the USA, Australia, India, Pakistan,Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and, occasionally, England. We buy the best where we can, and when it is available.

AUSSIE LEATHER saddles are made from Australian, European or American leather, with trees from USA, India and/or Australia.

CLASSIC SADDLES are made completely in our facility in India, at a factory we have controlled for over three decades. They are made to our exact specifications and designs and tested both in the USA and Australia. The Indian workers we have trained. We are actually now training the children of those workers. These are the finest Australian stock saddles made in the world today, dollar for quality.

All saddles are inspected by us in the USA before being shipped to you.

The Australian Stock Saddle Company Story

The Australian Stock Saddle Company was the first company in 200 years to bring a new saddle to America -- the Australian stock saddle. Founded in 1979 by Colin Dangaard, who was raised in the "bush" near Mareeba, in Far North Queensland, Australia. Later, he relocated to the United States. The Australian Stock Saddle Company has been a pioneer in bringing the added comfort and safety of Australian style saddles to North America. The company is perhaps best known for innovating "crossover" style saddles, which merge the best features of Australian and Western style saddles into a best-of-breed hybrid. The approach has been so successful that it has been mimicked by Australian style saddle makers around the world, including those in Australia itself.

Today, the Australian Stock Saddle Company continues to innovate exciting new products using the best parts, the best saddle makers, and the most authentic Outback proven designs.